segunda-feira, 1 de novembro de 2010

I'm so angry!!

Yes! I'm too Angry with Shibyu!!!

A person called Shibyu pledged to make the arts, but apparently he did not and still deceived me. Well, I will remove the avatars of all utaus from myself and will make a new art.

I'm so angry and sad of this.

terça-feira, 26 de outubro de 2010

Finally Achieved!

After a long time I managed to finish the voice bank of Edward Frost (Du Frost).

Sound signature as posted on our Youtube Channel with a version of Cantarella young brother Karol, Alex and Renè.


The surprise here always comes twice!

Big Brother Frost family will soon make his appearance!
Some info about it:

Name: Renè Frost  (レネ・フロスト)
UTAU item: Black and Silver
Age: 28
Date of Birth: May 24
Voice Range: B1 - C4 (Bass Baritone)
Genre: Rock, Metal
Hair:Black fading to dark blue
Eyes:black and brown
Skin:slight pale
Love interest: no one.
Clothes: Black clothes,black knee high boots with metal details,black belt, no shirt, some details in metal like spikes and chairs. Sometimes use a corpse paint in your face like a black metal singer.
Height:(1,95) 1 meter and 95 centímeters
Weight:78 kg (78 kilograms)
Breast Size: 44D
Blood Type: A+
Race: Utauloid mix gothic
Utauloid Number:669
Number Tattoo: Found on her right thigh
Sex: Male
Dislikes: Cute things.
Unique traits: He loves rock and heavy metal, loves to read. He likes things dark and gothic.
Personality: He likes skull, chairs, darkness, he is very quiet and serious, but responds with conviction whenever someone speaks to you. He is not much of distributing smiles all the time, it rarely occurs. When it gets irritated it can seem daunting much! He is known among friends as "God of Darkness".
A little back story:
No one knows with sure when it was created, but say it was the hand of a vampire. XD

quinta-feira, 1 de julho de 2010

Hi Everyone!!

The ACT2 for Karol and Alex is comin for Japanese and English.

A Edward bilingual voice bank is have been finished, will have a ACT2!

The brothers will have a portuguese voicebank comin soon!