quarta-feira, 30 de junho de 2010

Welcome Little Brother!

Greetings to everyone!
It is with great joy that we announce today the youngest member of the group FROSTloid.
I give you the younger brother of Alex and Karol. This is the sweet Edward Frost.

Name: Edward Frost  ( ・フロスト)
UTAU item: Black and Silver
Age: 15
Date of Birth: August 30
Voice Range: B4 - C6 (Sopranino)
Genre: Rock, Metal, PoP
Hair:Black fading to dark blue
Skin:slight pale
Love interest: Your sister Karol.
Clothes: Black and grey clothes,grey knee high boots with metal details,black belt, black and grey shirt, some details in metal like spikes and chairs.
Height:(1,65) 1 meter and 65 centímeters
Weight:57 kg (57 kilograms)
Breast Size: 40D
Blood Type: A+
Race: Utauloid mix gothic
Utauloid Number:668
Number Tattoo: Found on her right thigh
Sex: Male
Dislikes: Boys who flirt her sister Karol and whem Alex is anoying.
Unique traits: He loves rock and heavy metal, loves to read. He likes things dark and gothic.
Personality: Silent, ashamed, kind and very jealous of her sister. Speak softly but objective. He is known among friends as "Litlle Crow".
A little back story:
No one knows with sure when it was created, but say it was the hand of a vampire. XD

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